Ken Maynard
and the Origin of No Worees

Artist Ken Maynard first submitted his drawings of ‘Ned and his Neddy” to the Australasian Post in the early 1950’s.  In keeping with most Australiana of the time which revolved around ‘the local pub’, Ken started incorporating the “Ettamogah Pub” into his drawings.  The cartoons became known as The Ettamogah Pub Mob, and ran for over 40 years in the Australasian Post (published through Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom). Ken grew up in the small country district of Albury, New South Wales. His childhood  experiences of rabbit traps, horses, wild country and unique characters and the iconic Murray River gave him a sharp insight into the Australian persona. Ken liked to say he was inspired to name the pub Ettamogah, because as a boy he would ride around a waterhole called Ettamogah (the joke being that this was in fact a railway siding named after a vineyard, with no water in sight!).  The fictional origins have become so engrained as part of the Ettamogah legend, that the name Ettamogah has now become an official place name, and the ‘translation’ coined for the Ettamogah Pub (“place of good drink”) often taken as the translation. From the 1950’s through to the late 1990’s, what is possibly the longest running cartoon in Australia has embodied the humour and current events of the day, in a typically Australian fashion. For millions of Australians spanning several generations, a week without a chuckle over the goings on of the Ettamogah Mob would be unthinkable. In 1987, the first replica of the cartoon Ettamogah Pub was created in Table Top New South Wales.  A faithful recreation of the distinctive lopsided architecture, the real Ettamogah Pub quickly became an iconic tourist attraction appealing to families and tourist alike. Ken passed away in September 1998.  Ettamogah Entertainment’s continued development of the concept into animation, restaurants, pubs, theme parks and more, ensures that this unique slice of Australia will continue to entertain new generations across the globe.

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